To the Worn Out Mama

To the worn out mama,
You and what you do matter so much. Every little thing you do, seen and unseen, is an investment in the Kingdom. I know the days can feel long, and I know they can seem unappreciated and unimportant, but keep on going. You are living out the most important purpose here on this earth.
My prayer for you this morning:
May your head be lifted. May your spirit be revived. May you be reminded of the priceless purposeful life you’re living by investing in your children.
You are living out the greatest Kingdom work. I know it’s hard to believe because it most definitely doesn’t feel glamorous and it isn’t seen. But, the One who does see is applauding. He is well pleased by your selfless sacrifice.
Head up, tired mama. You are seen. You are heard. You are appreciated. You are valued. You matter. And You are loved. ❤️
Keep raising arrows.
Psalm 127:4 “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.”

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