What’s causing the barrier in your relationship with God?

I remember standing there during worship and not feeling a thing. Why I couldn’t I feel God? Why did it feel like there was such a barrier between my heart and His?

Then I began remembering… I was consumed by shame and guilt that was festering in my heart and I wasn’t dealing with it. I just wanted things to be back like they used to be. I wanted to feel God again. I wanted to be free again. It wasn’t until I confessed my sin, laid myself bare before God, and made myself right with those I had wronged, that I felt freedom, peace, and joy again.

Does this sound familiar to you at all? Maybe you’re in the midst of a time where you just don’t feel God? Can I gently and graciously suggest that maybe there’s some unconfessed sin festering in your soul? Until we deal with sin, we’ll be blocked off from free communion with our loving God.

I know it’s not easy. I know it can feel scary, but confession is a major key to finding joy.

I hope you’ll join me on a journey towards joy by:
1. Grabbing a copy of the devo I released


2. Joining our Facebook group of girls who will be studying together. {if you don’t have FB, sign up to receive emails for the extra online study resources! }


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