Cultivation Happens in the Presence of the Gardener

CULTIVATE means to foster the growth of.
Another definition I love says: “to loosen or break up the soil” — as we prepare to study Cultivating a Life of Joy next Sunday, I couldn’t help but think, what is God going to do through this study to foster the growth of joy in your life? What is He going to loosen or break up in the soil of your soul to make way for the seeds of joy to take root and grow in your life?
As I thought through these things and reflected on the beautiful garden we just walked through yesterday, the Lord gave me this thought:
“Cultivation only happens in the presence of the Gardener through the conduit of Jesus Christ.”
John 15 tells us that God is the gardener and Jesus is the vine we must be connected to always. The only way joy will be cultivated in our lives is by being in the Presence of God daily, and we enter into His presence because of our connection to Jesus Christ.
Do you want to experience joy? Get into His presence. He may have to loosen and break up some of the soil of your hardened heart, but after the tilling, you will reap a harvest of joy! 🙌🏼
Will you join me on a journey towards joy?
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