A Letter to the Conservative, White Christian

Dear Christian…more specifically:

Dear Conservative, White, American Christian:

Can I admit something? I am disturbed.

Let me preface this by telling you who I am:

I’m a sold-out follower of Christ. I’m as conservative as they come. I’m as white as they come. I’m as privileged as they come. I even voted for Trump, although there were many things I opposed about him. I am extremely patriotic and feel very emotional every time I place my hand on my heart and sing the national anthem. So, yes, I am in the same category as you, “right-wing,” white, conservative, evangelical Christian.

I am disturbed about the way America is going, but it’s not because of the left. It’s not because of the liberal, but it’s because of us. Have we forgotten our purpose? Have we forgotten what matters most? As I scroll through Facebook, I’m afraid we have. I’m saddened. I’m appalled. We’re getting so side-tracked.

We are called to be representatives of Christ. We are called to be peacemakers. We are called to be bold. We are called to be salt and light. But, right now, I think we’re just being “salty,” divisive exasperaters.

I’m also disturbed because I am afraid that we are equating our hope in Christ with our hope in America. Can I be blunt? Our hope is not in America. True freedom is not ours because we are American. It is ours because of Christ. Now, don’t hear me wrong. I am incredibly grateful for those who have given their lives for this freedom. Yes, I am grateful beyond measure to God that I have been born in America, but I’m afraid we have become idolaters of this great country. Have we placed our hope in America rather than Jesus Christ?

Why are we, the right-wing, conservative Christians the ones who are most exasperated by this NFL controversy? Don’t we see that this is such a scheme of the Enemy, and we’re feeding right into it? We are the ones fueling the fire of division. Can we not step back in compassion and empathy and think about the reason these men are kneeling?

We are called in Scripture to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly, and I’m just not so sure we’re living out that command. Yes, we seek justice for the things that matter to us, but what about racial injustice? Although that might not be something that has affected you personally, it deeply affects our brothers and sisters of other races.

And, can I just say…shouldn’t we as Christians, more than anyone, hope and pray that basic First Amendment rights are not openly threatened by the ones who occupy the White House? Our right to speak boldly for Christ could be quickly coming to an end if this amendment is forsaken.

I’m just afraid that we have forgotten our role to be peacemakers who beckon the lost world to Christ, rather than exasperaters who deter people from hearing the Truth. Nothing else matters in this life, except for advancing the Kingdom of God by beckoning people to Christ. We are not called to advance the Kingdom of America. We are called to be reconcilers to God, and I’m afraid we’ve become dividers. May we not allow the Enemy to trip us up and get us off course.

I’m praying that we will make the main thing the main thing again. We, of all the people on the earth, should be like a breath of fresh air to the world. Yes, bold and strong. Not tolerant, but compassionate. Not weak, but humble. Not doormats, but welcomers. Not dividers, but reconcilers. Not exasperaters, but peacemakers.

Are we doing our job as ambassadors of Christ? Or are we building our lives on a kingdom that will fade? Our Kingdom is in Heaven. Our hope is in Jesus, and we are called to bring people alongside us to find Him along the way. May we never forget.

4 Replies to “A Letter to the Conservative, White Christian”

  1. So we shouldn’t idolize our country, yet you call upon Christians to “hope and pray that our First Amendment rights are not openly threatened….”. If the country doesn’t matter, then you shouldn’t be using an argument based on a set of laws created by that country.

    Secondly, to whom does the First Amendment apply? Are you suggesting that it’s a law that targets private businesses and people – and that you could vocally and publically oppose speak out against your employer without facing repercussion? If that’s your contention, you should try reading the Constitution, since it’s targeted at protecting people from the government.

  2. I’m a former Christian, turned atheist. While I no longer hold to my Southern Baptist beliefs, it does sadden me to see the direction of the Evangelical church. Thank you for this post.

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