You Are God’s Kind of Material

On Saturday we went to a gorgeous art museum, full of beautiful pieces created centuries ago. Some ornate, some simple, some abstract, some unexpected.
But, you know what struck me the most? We walked into a room that used unlikely materials to create the pieces of art: nails, yarn, recycled materials, scrap metal. Those pieces caught my attention more than any other pieces in the entire museum, and I started thinking…isn’t that how God, the ultimate Artist works? He takes the unlikely, the ordinary, the unexpected people, and He creates such beautiful purpose out of their lives.
Do you feel like the unlikely one? The one who views themselves like the scrap metal? The leftover? Have you ever thought: “What could God do with me? Being used by God is reserved for the others, but not for me.” Well, guess what? YOU are God’s kind of material. He takes the broken, unlikely, thrown to the side, trashed, forgotten AND HE BRINGS BEAUTY and PURPOSE and MORE THAN WE COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED.
You are not forgotten by the Creator. The Artist. The One who can bring beauty from the ashes. Hand your life over to Him and watch and see the beauty He alone can bring from our mess! 🙌🏼

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