To the girl who feels like she’s wasting her life away…

I remember sitting down with a girl who looked me in the eyes and said,

“Tricia, I feel like I’m merely existing. I feel like I’m wasting my life away.”

I totally understood what she was talking about, because I remember feeling that way too. I remember leaning back on a recliner one day in my house, looking up at the ceiling, and thinking, “what is life really about…”

I felt like I was chasing after all the wrong things in life. Everything I thought would make me feel like life was worthwhile, came up short every single time.

Like Solomon says in Ecclesiastes, everything in life felt meaningless.

Then, God starting teaching me how to live a life that was eternally significant. He showed me how to get past merely surviving, and really start thriving. 

In my new book, The Unwasted Life, a ten-week Bible Study, I share how to start living an eternally significant life.

And, here’s a hint: It’s not about striving and doing and wearing yourself out. The Unwasted Life is about resting and abiding and surrendering.

Does this sound good to you?? Do you want to really start THRIVING in life? Do you want to stop hustling so much, and instead start surrendering? Do you want to stop merely existing and begin experiencing the life to the fullest described in Scripture?

Join me and a community of women as we study The Unwasted Life together on Facebook.

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