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It’s Release Day! Cultivating a Life of Joy is Available on AMAZON

The Cultivating a Life of Joy devotional releases September 16th, and I am ecstatic! Be sure to grab your copy quick, and join our community of girls of all ages as we go on an 8-day challenge to cultivate joy in our daily lives!

Along with the Cultivating a Life of Joy devotional, you can grab the “Daily Filling Required” coffee mug, which is another new release in the store. You’ll find this reminder in the devotional on Day 3: “A Daily Filling of the Spirit.”

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  • Cultivating a Life of Joy is a 8-day devotional and each day includes a digging deeper, personal reflection, and challenge section.
  • This devotional is ideal for using in your personal time alone with God, but can also be used in a group setting, as well.
  • Additionally, I will be using Instagram + Facebook to post regularly as we study through each day’s Scriptures + principles.


We’ll begin Day 1 on October 1st – be sure to order your book in plenty of time, so you are ready to start the 8-day challenge with our closed Facebook group.


I’ve created a Facebook Group specifically for walking through this 8-day devotional challenge.  You can join that group here for daily posts, links and shareable content.


I’ll be using YouTube Videos to have a daily teaching time, which I will link to our Facebook Group, as well. Join the group of women, and respond in the Facebook Group, sharing what the Lord is teaching you through the 8-day challenge.

Cultivating a Life of Joy In 8 Simple Ways

We all desire to live a life marked by joy, but the circumstances of life can trip us up and get us off course at times.

Dear friend,

There is a big difference between circumstantial-happiness and the life-lasting joy that is available through Jesus Christ. I am currently entering a season that is not necessarily conducive to circumstantial-happiness. So, I completely understand if you’re in a place in your life that is bringing you down. I’m there too. I’m in the midst of a major transition in my life. My husband is starting a new job where he will be traveling a lot, we’re moving from the place where we’ve built our lives for the past 10 years, and life feels very uncertain, scary, and lonely at times. So, I get it!

When I polled my friends about what devotional they’d like for me to write, the overwhelming majority said “CULTIVATING A LIFE OF JOY!” Immediately after this clear call to write on cultivating joy, I entered into an emotional state that was very joy-less. I thought, “WHO AM I TO WRITE ON JOY?” And, that’s where the Lord began teaching me. He showed me that these truths I’m about to share with you will be my lifelines throughout this next season in my life. I am walking this road with you. I am not feeling joyful, but I am choosing joy.

I have learned throughout the years that joy is 100% a choice. It is not a personality trait. It is not an emotion. It is a choice of attitude. Even when joy doesn’t make sense, we choose to rejoice in the Lord. We do not rejoice in our circumstances, because sometimes our circumstances are just not joy-worthy. We rejoice in our Lord in the midst of difficulties, in the midst of struggles, in the midst of pain, because it’s in those moments that others see God working in and through us. Why choose joy? Because by choosing joy, we point to God’s power in our lives. By choosing joy, we choose to glorify God. By choosing joy, we shine a light in this dark world. By choosing joy, we proclaim the overwhelming victory we have in Christ.

THAT is why choosing joy is worth it. So let me give you 8 simple ways to cultivate joy in your life.



I know these 8 tips will help you ignite the joy in your life. Grab yours here!