One of my absolute favorite parts of ministry is sitting across the table, one-on-one with a girl and hearing her heart for the Lord. Her passions, her struggles, her dreams, her obstacles. I love standing side by side with girls and walking with them as they pursue Jesus.

I’ve been praying through ways I could do that, even when I’m not in the same city as many of you. ENTER…FAN INTO FLAMES. 🔥

This will be a group of teen and college girls who desire consistency, accountability, and passion in their walk with Christ. I will come alongside you, as we enter into a 4-week period of going deeper in our knowledge of God, gaining consistency in our walk with God, and receiving vision for our calling and future.

Does this sound like something you or your friends would want to be a part of?

Starting in September, I will begin a 4-week discipleship program. I will have daily check-ins with each girl individually where I will ask questions about what you are learning in your time alone with God. This will serve as accountability, help with consistency, and help me come alongside you as you seek to study, meditate, and grow in the Word every day.

I will be giving a weekly checklist covering what to read, questions to reflect on, and ways to apply the Scriptures you’re reading.

Each week will also have a focus via the facebook group through a video and/or written resource (i.e. spiritual disciplines, spiritual gifts assessments, applying spiritual gifts on a daily basis + praying/dreaming about future ways to use the giftings God has specifically given to you.)

Our facebook group will serve as the hub where I will share resources and videos with everyone in the group, and it will also be the place where you all will respond about different things the Lord is teaching you. This will serve as a place of encouragement to the others in the group, as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! I would LOVE for you to be a part of the program!



If you’d like some practical guidance of ways that you can ignite the fire in your spiritual life, I encourage you to consider signing up for the discipleship program that I lead called:

Fan Into Flames

(For more information, click the link above. The next session begin October 2nd)