NEW VLOG: When You’ve Been Affected By Suicide


In today’s vlog, Cindy Janecka joins me as we discuss navigating the road of hope after being affected by the tragic loss of suicide.

Cindy is an author, speaker, and licensed counselor. Visit her website at


Where I Would Be Without Jesus

A couple of weeks ago, as I spoke to our youth group on Wednesday night about sharing our faith more consistently, I encouraged them to share their stories of daily living with Jesus. I challenged them to invite people in to taste and see the goodness of walking with the Lord.

At the end of my talk, I shared with them my story. I explained that I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior as a 7 year old. Because of this, like many, I have bought into the lie that my testimony is weaker than others! SILLINESS! Every story of salvation is powerful. I explained to them that I often like to play the game “Where would I be without Jesus?” It puts it into perspective and really makes you reflect on the transforming power of God in our lives.

This is what I shared through tears…

I see my sinful nature creep up often, and I know without Christ, my sinful self would have been on a rampage these past 19 years.

Without Jesus, my life would have no light. I would be lost in darkness.
Without Jesus, my soul would be empty.
Without Jesus, I would have been chasing after the empty things of this world all this time.
Without Jesus, I would have given in to drinking and partying just looking for acceptance.
Without Jesus, I would have given in to an eating disorder by believing the lie that I was worthless.
Without Jesus, I would be lonely and lost.
Without Jesus, I wouldn’t understand the meaning of all this.

But, because of Jesus, my life has changed from mere existence to real, fulfilling life.
With Jesus, I have light and hope and joy.
With Jesus, I have purpose and reason for living.
With Jesus, I have found the answer to the emptiness of this life.
With Jesus, I have realized that the things of this world do not satisfy.
With Jesus, I realize that I have value and worth.
With Jesus, I have found comfort, direction, and a loving Savior.
With Jesus, I have been cleansed, white as snow, He has taken my dead heart and now it is beating and alive.

I once was lost, but now I am found. Praise HIM!

I encourage you to play this “Where would I be without Jesus?” game for yourself. Think about it. Write it out. Reflect on His goodness and faithfulness. I would love if you would share in the comments below.

Much Love Sisters (and Brothers)!