To the girl who feels like she’s wasting her life away…

I remember sitting down with a girl who looked me in the eyes and said,

“Tricia, I feel like I’m merely existing. I feel like I’m wasting my life away.”

I totally understood what she was talking about, because I remember feeling that way too. I remember leaning back on a recliner one day in my house, looking up at the ceiling, and thinking, “what is life really about…”

I felt like I was chasing after all the wrong things in life. Everything I thought would make me feel like life was worthwhile, came up short every single time.

Like Solomon says in Ecclesiastes, everything in life felt meaningless.

Then, God starting teaching me how to live a life that was eternally significant. He showed me how to get past merely surviving, and really start thriving. 

In my new book, The Unwasted Life, a ten-week Bible Study, I share how to start living an eternally significant life.

And, here’s a hint: It’s not about striving and doing and wearing yourself out. The Unwasted Life is about resting and abiding and surrendering.

Does this sound good to you?? Do you want to really start THRIVING in life? Do you want to stop hustling so much, and instead start surrendering? Do you want to stop merely existing and begin experiencing the life to the fullest described in Scripture?

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The World’s Measuring System

For a long time I was measuring and marking myself by the world’s measuring system. But God doesn’t measure by the world’s system.
Your list of accomplishments.
Your list of failures
ALL FADE AWAY IN THE EYES OF GOD. These lists just don’t matter.
No success, accolade, or accomplish will ever bring you the identity or worth you’re searching for.
No failure, no insult, no lost friendship, mistake, heartbreak, low GPA, or WHATEVER can strip you of the identity and worth that is solely found in Christ.
When everything else loses it’s power to measure and determine our worth, rather than ebbing and flowing with the ups & downs of successes and failures, we will remain steady and sure, FOUND IN CHRIST.
Friend, are you tired of sliding up & down on the scale of worth that this world demands we stand on? Are you tired of being controlled by this ever-changing measuring system?
We find freedom when all those things lose their weight, and we rest in being found in Christ alone.
Join me in reading THE UNWASTED LIFE, as we journey to find the way to live in this freedom. ❤️
What’s on your success list? What’s on your failure list? What is it that’s chaining you to the world’s scale of worth? Would you mind sharing below? What do you measure yourself by?👇🏼
What I measure myself by:
– How much I DO for God, rather than BEING with God.
– What others think of me.
– How much prettier others are.
– How much better others seem.


Day 2 | Teaching Video with Tricia Patterson

Anyone else struggle with trusting God? I mean TRULY TRUSTING Him with the control of your life?

What do you need to surrender to God today? What are you trying to control, rather than trusting God and letting Him take control?

Today’s Spotify worship playlist:

In God We Trust by Hillsong Worship

I Surrender by Hillsong Worship


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No Longer Meaningless:

7 Days on Finding Purpose, Meaning, and God’s Plan for Your Life

I remember spending several of my teenage years really thinking through the meaning of life. What is this all about? Why does life feel so meaningless sometimes? What should I live for? Is living for God really worth it? Why is it worth it? How do I live out His purpose? What does that look like?

Have you ever asked any of these questions? If so, I hope these devos will help guide you into finding the real meaning of life. Here’s a hint: it’s all about JESUS.